Lake Erie islands (by size)

Most Lake Erie islands are headed by a small group of year-round residents. However, eager vacationers often raise the populations dramatically during the summer months, most notable on South Bass Island, which is the most tourist-friendly of the islands despite its small size. Most of the islands remain financially stable via tourism. Grape growing and wineries were once the mainstay of the economy. South Bass still has a few large vineyards and Kelleys has a winery.  Pelee is the only major island where vineyards remain a mainstay. There is a limestone quarry on Kellys Island; as well, there are a few hobby farms.

The Lake Erie Islands are a chain of archipelagic islands in Lake Erie. They include Kelleys Island, Pelee Island, the Bass Islands, and several others. The majority of these islands are under the sovereignty of Ohio in the United States. Pelee Island is the only major island administered by Ontario, while the smaller Middle Island is the southernmost point in Canada. Most islands that are large enough are popular tourist attractions with passenger and car ferries running from the mainland and between some islands and some small airports and numerous private marinas offering other ways to reach the islands.

For information on all of Ohio’s Lake Erie Islands and shores:  Lake


  1. Pelee Island (Ontario)  Pelee Island is Lake Erie’s largest island – 16 square miles located in Southern Ontario
  1. Kelleys Island (Ohio) Kelly’s Island – a vacation island with many unique geological features.
    Visit Kelleys Island Website.
  1. South Bass Island (Ohio)- South Bass is also known as Put-In Bay is the most popular of all the Lake Erie Islands – often labeled the northern Keys.  Visit Put-In-Bay Website.
  1. Middle Bass Island (Ohio) – less ‘Touristy’ than the larger islands. Visit Middle Bass Island Website.
  1. North Bass Island (Ohio) – Small island with a state park. Visit North Bass Island Website.
  1. Johnson’s Island (Ohio) – Island where Civil War where Confederate prisoners of war were kept.
    Visit Johnson’s Island Website.


For information on the remaining Lake Erie Islands click here: Lake Erie Islands

  1. Middle Island (Ontario)
  2. West Sister Island (Ohio)
  3. East Sister Island (Ontario)
  4. Rattlesnake Island (Ohio)
  5. Turtle Island (Ohio & Michigan)
  6. Green Island (Ohio)
  7. Sugar Island (Ohio)
  8. Ballast Island (Ohio)
  9. Mouse Island (Ohio)
  10. Gibraltar Island (Ohio)
  11. Indian Island (Michigan)
  12. Hen Island, which has three smaller islands known as “chickens” around it. (Big Chicken Island, Chick Island, and Little Chicken Island) The smaller islands are little more than reefs. (Ontario)
  13. Middle Sister Island (Ontario)
  14. North Harbour Island (Ontario)
  15. Ryerson’s Island (Ontario)
  16. Second Island (Ontario)
  17. Starve Island (Ohio)
  18. Buckeye Island (Ohio)
  19. Lost Ballast Island (Ohio)
  20. Snow Island (Ontario)
  21. Mohawk Island (formerly Gull Island) (Ontario)
  22. Gull Island, Ohio